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Affordable, reliable smart CCTV packages tailored to your home.

Recognising the significance of aesthetics in your home’s exterior, our home CCTV cameras are designed to be small and discreet, ensuring they blend seamlessly with your property. Whether you’re safeguarding against intruders or integrating smart living solutions, we can tailor a system to suit your needs. A high-quality CCTV camera not only enhances security but also serves as a deterrent to potential intruders.

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CCTV Starter Kit

This base CCTV package includes 5 key components to give you exceptional value to protect key areas around your home.

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From: £899 inc. Vat

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Key benefits of our CCTV Systems


Deter burglars away and make them aware they are being watched and recorded.


Digitally record everything the camera sees and retrieve past events to use as evidence.


Receive notifications if anyone approaches your property to help you act fast in the event of an emergency.


Remotely access and view your cameras from anywhere giving you peace of mind knowing that your home is safe.

Choosing the right CCTV camera:


A weather-proof camera which can be wall and ceiling mounted, inexpensive and compact in size. Provides clear night vision using an Infra-Red Lense and has the option of microphone.


A weather-proof camera which is best to be ceiling mounted, discreet and vandal resistant. With metal construction and the camera inside a glass dome makes it difficult to see the direction its facing.


A bolder visual appearance, these types of cameras are more noticeable as a visible deterrent. They can also provide a longer range to see further distances.

Features & Benefits


Access and view live HD video stream directly to your Smartphone, Tablet or PC with the option to remotely playback and backup for evidence.


State-of-the-are technology so that you get clear pinpoint images that can be used as evidence if required.


With smart motion detection technology, the CCTV System can record on motion activity maximising your recording space and recording only when necessary.


Digitally record and store 30 days video on our advanced Hard Drives giving you plenty of time to make a back-up if you ever need to.

Stay Connected and In Control

Have complete confidence with our new smart app knowing your home is secure. No longer will you have to think twice whether you set the alarm. Our smart app allows you to:

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All of our security systems are fully insurance approved and certified so you have complete peace of mind

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the product and billing.

A wire free alarm installation normally takes half a day and a wired alarm takes a full day. This can be up to 8 Zones of an alarm system and our engineers arrive at your premises between 8:30 – 9:00am to commence installation and complete by 5:00pm. Larger installations will take a second day.

As standard we provide 12 months products warranty. Following the installation – that includes parts and labour charges as a result of faulty equipment or workmanship.

It all depends which one you get. Cheap and unreliable burglar alarms can be prone to false alarms from rogue frequencies. However, professionally supplied wireless alarms that comply with the latest British and European standards are far superior to those available in DIY stores.

If you prefer to have a wireless alarm system, we recommend that we install it so that you also have complete peace of mind. Our engineers carry special equipment to detect test rogue frequencies and test signal strengths to minimise false alarms. Also, if there are any problems we will diagnose and deal with it promptly under the warranty – unlike a DIY system when you are on your own…

Yes, and we always advise you do. Our engineers we will program the system to include only those areas of the premises that you want protected during a night set and exclude others.

If you have a monitored alarm, we normally provide dummy bell boxes and install an internal siren, as your alarm is connected through your telephone line for an emergency response. Dummy bell boxes look identical to real bell boxes. If we install a ‘Bells Only’ alarm, we install a live bell box that also has a strobe unit.

Free Site Survey

We can attend your property and do a free site survey & risk assessment

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