COP Alarms do everything possible to help protect the things that mean most to you. A survey by a major insurance company discovered 33% of Britons ignore ringing home alarms; people assume someone else will sort the problem out! (source Zurich Insurance & BBC Report)With a COP monitored alarm, you know that if your alarm is activated, COP Alarms will respond to the activation fast. Peace of Mind All COP home security alarms are linked via a telephone line to our professionally manned UK based alarm monitoring centres. Your COP home alarm is monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year – ensuring that your alarm won’t be ignored and giving you peace of mind. If a COP alarm is triggered it will alert one of our Alarm Monitoring Centres. Once the alarm is confirmed (we filter out false alarms), we will contact you, your nominated keyholders and/or the emergency services. The monitoring option you choose with your home alarm system determines who we contact in case of an emergency (see table below).

Custodian Monitoring are an NSI GOLD Alarm Receiving Centre. Custodian Monitoring provide a constant 24 hour service that operates 365 days a year. By using Custodian Monitoring, it enables us to provide you with an unmatched level of service giving you complete peace of mind.Custodian Monitoring have a state of the art technology connected to every Police and Fire control centre in the UK. They don’t need to ring the police if there is an activation. They simply press a button and your details appear on screen in an instant which is then sent to your local police force.

Following the latest guidelines issued by the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO), many police forces will not attend alarms from non-monitored systems unless there’s also first hand evidence of a crime, whether from the owner or a member of the public phoning in.

The police will attend an alarm signal routed via the Custodian Alarm Receiving Centre, from a monitored alarm that qualifies for Police Response.

Benefits of Custodian Monitoring

  • A helpful and friendly service giving you the right advice.
  • A Responsive service acting rapidly in the event of an emergency.
  • A Fail Safe system with complete back-up protection against power cuts and major catastrophic events.
  • Always providing a custom solution for your specific needs.
  • Industry Standard Service with best practice and the highest Accreditation.

What happens if your Alarm is activated?

Your alarm system is connected through your telephone line at home. When your alarm activates, the following occurs:

  1. Your alarm system will be triggered activating an audible and/or visual device.
  2. A signal will be automatically sent down your telephone line to Custodian Alarm Receiving Centre in an instant.
  3. A pre-arranged emergency contact list for your home appears on our operator’s computer screen. This will allow Custodian to identify the type of emergency and take the appropriate action either, calling your home, the assistance of your keyholder, or the appropriate emergency services – if the alarm signal has been confirmed.

The Alarm Receiving Centre will call your property to confirm the alarm signal, and if there is no response they will contact the emergency services. The Alarm Receiving Centre has priority links to all UK Police control rooms.

The ARC will then contact one of your nominated keyholders so that the emergency services can gain access to your home.

Your Telephone Line

Please remember that if you have any of the following services activated on your telephone line, your alarm may not communicate with the Custodian Alarm Receiving Centre.

  • Call Barring
  • Call Waiting
  • Ring Back
  • Call Minder
  • Incoming Call Only
  • Call Diversion

We recommend that your telephone line is concealed where it enters your property, or if not, that it enters at a high level to reduce the possibility of it being tampered with. You should contact your telephone service provider if your telephone line does not meet this requirement.

Why are keyholders needed?

The Police require that anyone with a monitored alarm provides the names, addresses and contact details of at least two people, who live within 20 minutes travelling time of the alarmed property, to act as keyholders.

What does a keyholder do?

If the owner is not at home and the alarm activates, a keyholder will be called by the Alarm Receiving Centre to tell them that an alarm has been received.

They will also be told the type of alarm (Intruder, Fire, Personal Attack etc) and whether the Alarm Receiving Centre has called the Police or Fire Brigade. They may need to go to the property as soon as possible – and should remember to take the keys.

If the Police or Fire Brigade have been called, keyholders should wait for them to arrive. They should not put themselves at risk or enter the property if the police or fire services are attending, until they are told it is safe to do so.

Before leaving they will need to reset the alarm using the System Code, to secure the property. They should also telephone the home owner to let them know about the alarm activation. If the alarm system has been tampered with, they may need to call our Service and Support telephone to arrange an engineer visit.

What does the keyholder need to know?

  • The correct entry/exit route
  • How to unlock the property
  • Where the alarm panel, keypad and proximity reader are located
  • How to set and unset the alarm
  • The System Code. This can be their own code if it is easier to remember
  • The password for the alarm or their own Verification Number to identify
  • them when on the property
  • The telephone number of the Alarm Receiving Centre
  • The telephone number of our Service & Support, to request an engineer
  • How to contact the homeowner
  • Where the log book is kept
  • How to reset the alarm
  • How to lock up again

If you are an existing customer and need to update your keyholders, please email us your new keyholder details to

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