How long does the installation take?

A wire free alarm installation normally takes half a day and a wired alarm takes a full day. This can be up to 8 Zones of an alarm system and our engineers arrive at your premises between 8:30 – 9:00am to commence installation and complete by 5:00pm. Larger installations will take a second day.

How long is my alarm guaranteed for?

As standard we provide 12 months products warranty. Following the installation – that includes parts and labour charges as a result of faulty equipment or workmanship.

Are wireless alarms any good?

It all depends which one you get. Cheap and unreliable burglar alarms can be prone to false alarms from rogue frequencies. However, professionally supplied wireless alarms that comply with the latest British and European standards are far superior to those available in DIY stores.

If you prefer to have a wireless alarm system, we recommend that we install it so that you also have complete peace of mind. Our engineers carry special equipment to detect test rogue frequencies and test signal strengths to minimise false alarms. Also, if there are any problems we will diagnose and deal with it promptly under the warranty – unlike a DIY system when you are on your own…

Can I set the alarm at night?

Yes, and we always advise you do. Our engineers we will program the system to include only those areas of the premises that you want protected during a night set and exclude others.

Do the Bell boxes work?

If you have a monitored alarm, we normally provide dummy bell boxes and install an internal siren, as your alarm is connected through your telephone line for an emergency response. Dummy bell boxes look identical to real bell boxes. If we install a ‘Bells Only’ alarm, we install a live bell box that also has a strobe unit.

What happens if I am called to a false alarm?

If you are called out to a false alarm then the system can be reset and re-armed, providing the cause is not a system fault. If it is not clear why the alarm has activated then you may need to request the attendance of an engineer. If the alarm system has been fitted with a remote reset facility, the Alarm Receiving Centre can remotely reset the alarm system. You can contact them on 0870 607 1203 for a remote reset.

What happens if I am called to an unconfirmed alarm signal?

If you are called out to an unconfirmed alarm signal we advise you to attend with caution. Should you see any signs of a break-in contact the police immediately. DO NOT ENTER THE PREMISES.

Under the ACPO’s (Association of Chief Police Officers) new Police Response Policy to monitored security systems all systems installed from 1st October 2001 must utilise alarm confirmation methods. This is a means by which the Alarm Receiving Centre is able to confirm the presence of an intruder in the premises.

How can I choose my own Exit/Entry Code?

A master Exit/Entry code is programmed into the alarm at the time of installation, however it is possible to have additional Entry/Exit codes for different users. These can be programmed into the alarm at any time by the person responsible for the alarm and instructions can be found in their user manual.

Can alarms cope with pets?

Yes, we now have pet immune sensors that can distinguish humans from pets. These are only recommended for small pets i.e. cats or small dogs up to approximately 20-30 kilos depending on the type of system. Our surveyors can advise the best way of protecting your property if you have pets.

Will I know if the alarm went off while I was away?

Yes. If you have a ‘Bells Only’ Alarm system, you will notice the external strobe light flashing to warn you that the alarm has been activated and that there may be potential danger in the house. If you have a monitored alarm, we will contact you if your alarm is activated.

Do you accept credit & debit cards for payment?

Yes we do. We accept most credit and debit cards apart from American express and Diners. There is no additional charge to make payments by credit cards.

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