Visonic Alarms

Visonic is an international developer and manufacturer of high-quality electronic security systems and components. We are delighted to working closely with Visonic helping to enhance people's way of life by increasing their sense of security. Visonic Alarms are easy-to-use and innovative Home Security Systems with Emergency Response systems through our Alarm Receiving Centre as part of your everyday family life and for people of every age. , We empower people to pursue their daily lives with full confidence by providing real-time connectivity between families, homes, property, care givers and community support networks helping you to feel safe and comfortable.

Visonic Real-Alarm Benefits:

  • Provides visual verification of burglar and personal attack alarms
  • Video images can be forwarded via email to alarm owner and users
  • Provides real time capture of alarm events for central monitoring stations.
  • Reduces cost by avoiding responses to false alarms.
  • Incorporates advanced PIR motion detectors with integrated cameras and audio.
  • Works as a standalone or retro fit to existing hard-wired or wireless alarm system.
  • Up to 5 years battery life
  • Utilises GSM/GPRS and/or broadband for signalling
  • Complies with EN 50131, PD 6662 and BS 8243:2010

See the I-Protect Home Security Package here to find out how we can help protect your home.

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