Lifestyle Bells

The Lifestyle Bells Alarm Package is the perfect solution if you want a burglar alarm system without monitoring or any on-going maintenance or monitoring charges making it a cost effective solution to protect your home. This burglar alarm package comes with a standard 12 months product warranty and the option of an Add-on voice dialler facility to notify you, & keyholders when your alarm is activated.

Alarm Package

alarm package
  • 1 Door Contact
  • 2 Motion Sensors
  • 2 Remote Key Fobs
  • 3 Integrated Panic Buttons
  • 1 Integral Keypad
  • 1 COP External Siren
  • 30 Zone Master Panel

Supplied & Installed for
Only £499
inc. vat

With our home Bells Only alarm systems there is no monthly monitoring charges and no maintenance costs. This makes them a very popular choice when you do not require a police response. The alarm sensors are wireless with a battery life lasting between 12 months to 3 years. The control panel also has a back-up battery so if the mains supply is cut this battery automatically keeps the alarm active.

With technologies such as 'Sleep Mode' and 'Rolling Codes' our wireless bells only alarms are fully secure and reliable. And even if you decide to upgrade your bells only alarm to a monitored alarm, all you need to do is give us a call and we can arrange for an engineer to come and switch you on. It's that easy! As standard we install a live siren (live bell box) at the front of your property and one dummy bell box at the back. If your alarm is activated the external siren will trigger making a very loud sound for 8 minutes causing a lot of attention and then will automatically switch off. These act as an instant visual and audible deterrent on your property to burglars. The control panel also has a built-in keypad and provides voice prompts so it tells you what action you perform.

Speech Dialler

This alarm package can be updaraded to notify you and keyholders with the a speach. The speach dialler connects to your landline at home and if your alarm is activated it will automatically dial your preferred contact telephone numbers. The speech dialler can call up-to 4 friends and family of your choice and there are no monthly charges, only the cost of a call from your landline at home. If you are busy on the phone when the speech dialler tries to call you, it will automatically call the next person in line, and if you have a voicemail it can automatically leave you a message on your phone. We call it mini-monitoring!


Our Bells Only home alarm comes with a standard 12 months products warranty so if anything goes wrong within the first year through normal wear and tear you're fully covered. We provide can provide a service on the alarm system for a standard price from £139.00. The alarm service includes testing your alarm system, replacing the batteries in the sensors (covers up-to 5 sensors) and testing the external siren. It is a good idea to regularly service your Security system and we recommend having a service done at least once a year.

Alarm Sensors

The Lifestyle Bells Alarm package can be tailored around your property by adding additional sensors as per your requirements.

Key Fob - proximity tag

Intelligent Wireless Movement Detector £69.00

Wireless Movement detectors or Motion Sensors detect body heat movement in rooms. Wireless movement detectors have a range of approx. 11 meters and an angle of 85 degrees. These sensors can also be used for customers that have pets!

Key Fob - proximity tag

Wireless Door Contact £69.00

Detects when you open or close your door. Normally located on your front door and other entry exit routes into your property. These contacts can also be located on windows.

Key Fob - proximity tag

Shock / Vibration Sensor £69.00

Detects vibrations when intruder attempts to break-into a property. The Shock sensor can be ideally located on windows and doors which will activate alarm before an intruder gets into a property.

Key Fob - proximity tag

Wireless Key Fob - Set / Unset Fob £35.00

Key Fob used to set and unset your alarm system. These can be attached to your keys and can be given to users so that you dont have to tell everyone your code. Allows you to set/unset the alarm without having to go to the keypad!

Key Fob - proximity tag

Key Fob - Proximity Tag £6.00

Key Fob or Prox tags are used to set and unset your alarm system. These can be attached to your keys and can be given to users so that you dont have to tell everyone your code.

Key Fob - proximity tag

Wireless Smoke Sensor £90.00

An always on smoke sensor that that can activate the siren and send an immediate signal to our Alarm Receiving Centre if your alarm is monitored. Yor local Fire brigade can also be alerted for a fire response.

Installation Lead Time

We can normally install an alarm into your home within 7-14 days after receiving confirmation of your order. We provide a nationwide installation service and can even provide you with a full site survey over the phone. All our alarm installations meet the new British and European Standards.

How Long Does The Installation Take?

Alarm installations normally take one whole day and our engineers start work from between 8:30 9:00 AM in the morning and complete it by 5:30PM. If you would like to change the positioning of any of the detectors or have any queries about the install, please speak to the engineer on the day of install before he commences work.Why not book a free site survey or give us a call on 0845 644 9321 and see how we can help you protect your premises.

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