Lifestyle 1000

The Lifestyle range of Home Security packages are designed uniquely around your property and your personal requirements. Each burglar alarm system conforms to DD243, EN50131 & PD6662 British and European Standards making them fully compliant to insurance requirements. We are a fully NSI (NACOSS) approved company delivering quality solutions for every customer. We offer a FREE Site Survey and risk assessment of your property, and install COP Burglar Alarms within Greater London and the Home Counties.

Alarm Package

alarm package
  • 1 Door Contact
  • 3 Motion Sensors
  • 1 Integral Keypad
  • 1 COP Decoy Bell Boxs
  • 2 Wireless Remote Fobs
  • 30 Zone Master Control Panel

Supplied & Installed for
Only £199
inc. vat

COP Home Alarm Package: £199 inc. vat Supplied & Installed

This COP Home Security System is subject to our 24 month monitoring & Maintenance agreement charged at £24.99 per month. There is a one-off Police Connection fee of £52.18 to register your property with your local police force. Additional sensors can also be added to this package.

COP Lifestyle 1000 is a complete intrusion detection system that protects your home from possible thieves or attacks of criminal activity 24hours a day, 7 days a week throughout the year. With a COP Lifestyle 1000 Monitored Alarm you get a complete comprehensive service that includes Keyholder Response, Police Response, Fire Response, and Maintenance of your alarm system. COP Alarms will also provide you with routine inspections of your alarm system every six months making sure you are always protected. You are also guaranteed a 4 hour response time for any emergency call-outs subject to contract with access to COP Alarms's 24hr support services when you need it most.


24HR Alarm Monitoring

 Connected to our 24 hour Alarm Receiving Centre your house is watched over all the time. We'll contact you in an instant if your alarm is activated.

Keyholder Response

 We'll try to call the home to make sure it’s not a false alarm, then we can contact your mobile and your keyholders if we can't get in touch with you.

Level 1 Police Response

 If you have a confirmed alarm, we'll contact the police direct on your behalf. They can then respond to your property.

Regular Alarm Inspections

 As part of our service we will inspect your alarm twice a year making sure everything is in working order. Any problems due to wear and tear we will come and fix it free of charge.

  1. Minimal Disruption

    With a wireless alarm, NO CABLES are installed between the main panel and each sensor. This means there is minimal disruption to the decor in your premises.

  2. Quick Install - saves you time.

    The major part of most alarm installations is the cabling. Wireless Burglar Alarms takes much less time as there are far less cables to install therefore reducing the installation time.

  3. Flexible & Scalable Solution.

    You can position a wireless sensor almost anywhere - even where cables can't reach making it a more flexible solution. It is also a lot easier to reposition the wireless sensors or add extra sensors if you decide to redecorate or make any structural changes to your premises saving you a lot of hassle and even costs.

  4. Remote Security

    If you have any outbuildings that you want to protect we can install a motion sensor without having to run any cables saving you time and money.

  5. Portable

    With a wireless alarm, you can easily take it with you if you decide to move premises rather than pay for a whole new alarm system and the installation charge.

  6. Reliable & Fully Secure

    The alarm comes with advanced digital technology and has Lithium Batteries installed in each sensor making the battery life last for approximately 3-5 years. The Wireless Alarm complies with British & European Standards and with a monitored contract it can also have police response.


Alarm Monitoring Diagram

The Lifestyle 1000 Alarm is linked via a telephone line to our professionally manned UK based alarm monitoring centres. Your COP home alarm is monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year – ensuring that your alarm won't be ignored and giving you peace of mind. If a COP alarm is triggered it will alert one of our Alarm Monitoring Centres. Once the alarm is confirmed (we filter out false alarms), we will contact you, your nominated keyholders and/or the emergency services. The monitoring option you choose with your home alarm system determines who we contact in case of an emergency.

Comprehensive Monitoring & Maintenance

You, your family and home’s safety in mind is at the core of our service promise to you. Routine maintenance of your alarm is included in the monthly charge.Our Comprehensive Monitoring & Maintenance package includes a full response service with two inspections of your COP burglar alarm systems every year. We have a dedicated team on hand to provide an emergency call-out service within 4 hours to your property. You will also be connected for a Police & Fire response (if smoke sensor installed) to your property.

Comprehensive Monitoring & Maintenance includes:

  • Engineer Support 24 hours a day
  • Routine inspections of your Alarm
  • Access to Alarm Receiving Centre 24 hours a day everyday
  • Provision for minor adjustments of your system during an inspection
  • 4 hour response to all emergency call-outs subject to contract
  • Lifetime products warranty as a result of normal wear and tear
  • Free fitting of replacement parts as a result of normal wear and tear
  • Full reporting of maintenance visits by email fax or letter
  • *Engineer call-out charges
  • **Resetting of your COP Alarm, i.e. reset over the phone
  • 24HR Remote Engineering Support over the telephone

* Due to faulty equipment only, charges will be made for damage made by customer or third parties.

** Where system fault can be rectified over the telephone.

Monitoring and Maintenance charges start from £24.99 per month inc. vat

Alarm Sensors

The Lifestyle 1000 Alarm package can be tailored around your property by adding additional sensors as per your requirements.

Key Fob - proximity tag

Intelligent Wireless Movement Detector £74.00

Wireless Movement detectors or Motion Sensors detect body heat movement in rooms. Wireless movement detectors have a range of approx. 11 meters and an angle of 85 degrees. These sensors can also be used for customers that have pets!

Key Fob - proximity tag

Wireless Door Contact £74.00

Detects when you open or close your door. Normally located on your front door and other entry exit routes into your property. These contacts can also be located on windows.

Key Fob - proximity tag

Shock / Vibration Sensor £74.00

Detects vibrations when intruder attempts to break-into a property. The Shock sensor can be ideally located on windows and doors which will activate alarm before an intruder gets into a property.

Key Fob - proximity tag

Wireless Key Fob - Set / Unset Fob £35.00

Key Fob used to set and unset your alarm system. These can be attached to your keys and can be given to users so that you dont have to tell everyone your code. Allows you to set/unset the alarm without having to go to the keypad!

Key Fob - proximity tag

Key Fob - Proximity Tag £6.00

Key Fob or Prox tags are used to set and unset your alarm system. These can be attached to your keys and can be given to users so that you dont have to tell everyone your code.

Key Fob - proximity tag

Wireless Smoke Sensor £90.00

An always on smoke sensor that that can activate the siren and send an immediate signal to our Alarm Receiving Centre if your alarm is monitored. Yor local Fire brigade can also be alerted for a fire response.

Installation Lead Time

We can normally install an alarm into your home within 7-14 days after receiving confirmation of your order. We install COP Alarms within the London area and surrounding counties. All our alarm installations meet the latest British and European Standards.

How Long Does The Installation Take?

Alarm installations normally take one whole day and our engineers start work from between 8:30 9:00 AM in the morning and complete it by 5:30PM. If you would like to change the positioning of any of the detectors or have any queries about the install, please speak to the engineer on the day of install before he commences work. Why not book a free site survey or give us a call on 0845 644 9321 and see how we can help you protect your premises.

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