DualCom & RedCare

  • Dual path signalling
  • Grade shift technology
  • Vodafone technology
  • World Sim utilises any network
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Some insurance companies may ask you to have a Redcare Alarm or DualCom Monitoring Service for your business. These are basically a Dual Path Signalling method for Intruder Alarms so for example if your telephone line is cut, you have a backup source e.g. mobile phone technology or GPRS for your alarm system. We normally recommend Dualcom GPRS Alarm Monitoring. With this type of signalling method, your alarm system has 3 ways to communicate with the Alarm Receiving Centre. If your alarm system is activated it would firstly send a signal via GPRS, then GPS and lastly a backup landline at your property.

WorldSim Technology

WorldSim Technology utilises any network CSL DualCom continues to innovate with products such as the DualCom GradeShift® Range and DigiPlus®. The DualCom GradeShift® range is the fastest selling Dual Signalling product and is now the UK Market leader in net monthly sales, setting the standard for cost-effective secure signalling. CSL DualCom will continue to provide Alarm Installers with credible, trustworthy secure signalling at affordable costs whilst meeting the needs of the Insurance Industry and the stringent European standards. DualCom GPRS, from CSL DualCom Limited, is an intruder alarm signalling device that uses the Vodafone network and your telephone and/or IP path to transmit intruder, fire and personal attack signals at high speed. CSL DualCom have pioneered a single hardware platform which fits every grade of security risk, right the way from Grade 2, 3 and 4 Security installations to the highest specification of Fire signalling grades.

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