Burglar Alarm Transfers

It’s time to switch!

If you already have a burglar alarm installed at your property and are not happy with the services provided by your existing security company, we can offer a transfer of your monitoring & maintenance to our services. We provide a Standard Monitoring & Maintenance service which includes a keyholder response and servicing of your alarm system, and can also provide a Comprehensive Monitoring & Maintenance service which includes keyholder, police and a fire response.

We will inspect your existing burglar alarm system to see if it meets the current regulations and will carry out a full site risk assessment. With this information, we can then provide you with an alternative solution for you to get the kind of service you are looking for. Contact us now to see how we can help you protect your property and get the full service that you want.

We can also provide a complete new security system for your property if your existing system is not working and beyond repair. We have a full range of burglar alarm packages here.

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